Commercial Kitchen Canopies

Our kitchen ventilation equipment is custom designed and manufactured to provide the best quality of air in commercial cooking environments of all kinds. Our signature range of KV-100 Kitchen Canopies are the cornerstones of HVAC systems all around South Africa and in every industry.

Preventative Features

All KV-range canopies are equipped with 3-stage fire protection and are safe due to suited to the environment they are installed in.

Quality Ventilation Products

All our canopies, ventilation and air filtration products are backed by our manufacturers seal of quality - and covered by a guarantee.

Health & Safety Compliance

Years of experience and the fact that we follow South African Health & Safety Laws and Regulatory Requirements in our designs, our products help your business compliance.

Kitchen Ventilation Products

Browse our catalogue of high-quality yet cost-effective kitchen ventilation equipment.

Vertical Discharge Exhaust Cowl (DVRA)

Vertical discharge exhaust cowls are available in aluminium and galvanised steel to suit duct/fan diameters from 350 diameter to 1200 diameter. These units permit the vertical discharge of air whilst remaining weatherproof.

Fitted with stainless steel hinges, they comply with SANS 1850 and present minimal resistance to extraction air flow.


Kitchen Utensil Rail (UR)

304 grade Stainless Steel kitchen Utensil Rails are available in lengths up to 6 m and are complete with hanging brackets and ‘S’-shaped hooks. High durability – designed to take the heaviest utensils and even cast-iron skillets. 

Centrivent Grease Filter (F)

Our stainless steel Centrivent Grease Filters are designed to withstand the rigours of the commercial cooking environment. Centrivent range filters are baffle-type in design and are 40% thicker than other standard filters. All of our filters are designed to fit commercial dish washing machines.

These units act as a fire barrier and do not degrade in cleaning tanks. Construction is Tig welded …



The KV100BM is a wall-mounted, box type kitchen canopy offering maximum capture volume for extraction of undesired kitchen air and cooking odours. The KV100BM canopy comes with built-in make up air in the front face of the canopy which returns  fresh, tempered air into the kitchen.

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